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International Media & Entertainment

WASHINGTON DC, January 14, 2009 –  Dawn L. McCall, former president of Discovery
Communications’ International Division, along with 10 former executives of the company, today
announced they have  formed International Media & Entertainment Partners, LLC, a media
consultancy specializing in advising clients on improving their existing  media businesses and
expanding internationally.

The firm draws on an all-star cast of executives experienced in international television, program and
product licensing and digital media start-ups as well as growing existing businesses.  Members of the
firm have worked for or been associated with Discovery Networks International, the global division of
Discovery Communications.  Three of its senior members – Dawn McCall, Barbara Bennett and
Pandit Wright – served on the executive committee of Discovery Communications, leading the
company through its years of building an international business that today reaches more than 170
countries and is considered to be among the most profitable and professionally run in the business.  

“This is the group that literally put the Discovery Channel on the global map,” said Geraldine
Laybourne, cable television pioneer and founder of Oxygen Media.  “I can’t think of another media
company that successfully grew distribution and profitability internationally to the extent Discovery
did and this is the team that led Discovery’s successful international expansion.”

The firm, comprised of proven, hands-on executives, all of whom have been held accountable for
managing budgets, projects and people, is dedicated to delivering to its clients actionable plans and
assessments of existing or future businesses.  The firm can manage its clients’ start-up or business
improvements, providing as much support as clients require, from training existing staff on how to
implement new procedures to building a channel from the ground up in a new market.   

“International Media & Entertainment Partners  is dedicated to the principle of providing the
actionable support our clients need to advance their media  business in the international
marketplace,” said Dawn McCall, managing director.  “As executives who have built a large
business, we can provide the planning, advice and know-how that will actually deliver results.”
Joining McCall in the venture are:

  • Barbara Bennett, former CFO and senior executive vice president of finance for Discovery
  • Pandit Wright, former senior executive vice president of human resources and administration
    for Discovery Communications;
  • Susan Ritchie, former senior vice president of international communications for Discovery
    Networks International;
  • Olga Edridge, former head of BBC Worldwide’s international joint-venture channels, and
    former consultant to Discovery Networks International;
  • Mathew Tombers, managing director of Intermat, Inc.,  specializing in advertising sales and
    business development, and former Discovery VP and consultant to Discovery Networks
  • Laura Frankel, former senior vice president and general manager for Discovery Networks
  • Deborah Kent, former senior vice present of operations and business services for Discovery
    Networks International in Europe, the Middle East and Africa;
  • Martie Kretchmar,  broadcast and program operations consultant and former Discovery
    network operations director and consultant to Discovery in Germany and London.
  • David Spindler, former Director of Business Development for Discovery Enterprises
  • Dina Suggs, former head of affiliate sales and consumer research for Discovery Networks in
    Latin America;
  • Ron Benschoter, former Director of Research and Strategy for Discovery Networks

The firm’s executives have also worked for or with other large media companies including A&E, Fox
Cable Networks, National Geographic, Alliance Atlantis, Liberty Media, the Weather Channel,
Warner Brothers International, CTV, CORUS, CanWest and Televisa.  
Washington, DC  :  New York  :  London  :  Los Angeles  :  San Francisco  :  Houston