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International Media & Entertainment
Mathew Tombers is Managing Director of Intermat, Inc., a consulting
practice that specializes in business development for media companies.
Since its launch in 2000, Tombers has led the company in completing  
successful engagements and has also helped executive produce a number of television programs.

Tombers started his television career in 1984, opening the West Coast Advertising Sales office for
A&E, building the office from no clients to well over 100 and driving revenue to exceed goal.  For
five of the six years he ran the office, it was rated number one in client service and customer
satisfaction by the Myers' Report.

Tombers’ expertise in advertising sales includes developing projects to integrate content and  
advertising.  At FCB/Entertainment he worked on Monday Night Match-up and at Discovery
Communications he managed the corporate co-production relationship with the Chrysler
Corporation.  That partnership resulted in more than 25 hours of programming,  including the
“Rediscovering America” specials.

While at Discovery, Tombers incubated new business initiatives including Discovery On-Board,
which creates and manages Discovery Channels for airlines and cruise lines.  Tombers also
oversaw the launch of the Discovery Channel in Australia and India.

Tombers was Head of Sales and Marketing for Australia-based Sabela Media, a company that
pioneered ad management tools for advertising agencies and web sites.  Sabela’s technology
helped advertisers and websites track interactions with internet advertising.

In addition to his expertise in new business development and advertising, Tombers has an
extensive track record in television, radio and web production.  He led the production department
for Chambers Communications for several years, developing scripted dramas for broadcast and
non-fiction programming for cable networks as well as the syndication market.

Since founding Intermat, Tombers has structured content packages for channels such as Fine
Living Network, Discovery Times, Outdoor Life Network and the History Channel.

Tombers has been an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences since 1991.  
For four years, he was Governor for the Television Executives Peer Group and helped the
Academy launch the Interactive Media Peer Group in 2000, the first new peer group created by the
Academy in over 15 years and was its Founding Governor.

His activities for the Academy also included producing the “Emmys on the Web” and supervising
web-related activities for the Academy, including the 50th Anniversary year of the Emmy Awards.

Prior to his involvement in television, Tombers was a high school English teacher.  He holds an M.A.
in Dramatic Literature from Southern Illinois University.