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Ron Benschoter is a business development professional with experience
in international strategic planning, operations, and research.
Benschoter held several operations and strategy positions at Discovery Networks International,
most recently working as Director, International Research and Strategy.  Benschoter focused on
business opportunities leading teams in identifying and analyzing potential businesses and new
markets.  He was instrumental in leading a global taskforce that identified a new business opportunity
in the lifestyle genre that ultimately resulted in the launch of three global brands and a portfolio of
businesses that expanded the company’s product profile.

Benschoter has deep experience in competitive intelligence and market positioning.  His department
monitored competitors across the globe and he was responsible for designing a market sizing system
that benchmarked companies in the world’s 20 largest television markets.

Benschoter has an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. degree in Political Science from
the University of Michigan.
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