“ In today's hyper competitive market, media companies can’t afford to
leave opportunity on the table. Growth continues in many parts of the
world and it’s a matter of knowing the right products, partners and
sales channels to make revenue growth a reality. International Media
& Entertainment Partners brings the knowledge and experience our
clients need to advance their business in the international

                                                                                      - Dawn L. McCall
All rights reserved.
International Media & Entertainment
International Media &
Entertainment Partners, LLC
Washington, DC  :   New York  :  London
In today's environment, business leaders rely on International Media & Entertainment
Partners to help their companies evaluate and perform in key areas:

  •  Is our international business providing returns consistent with our peers?
  •  Are we maximizing ancillary revenue potential?
  •  Are we reaching our customers on multi-platforms?
  •  Do we have the right partners in the right markets to grow our business?
International Media & Entertainment Partners, LLC specializes in helping companies build or strengthen their
businesses outside their home borders.  The firm, comprised of proven, hands-on executives, all of whom have
been held accountable for managing budgets, projects and people, is dedicated to delivering to its clients
actionable plans and assessments of existing and future business opportunities.