Comprehensive Expertise

Our expertise covers every aspect of analyzing, starting up and running an international media

  • advertising sales
  • affiliate sales
  • program sales, licensing and syndication
  • content development and acquisition
  • digital media product development (tethered and mobile)
  • business development and strategic planning
  • industry and consumer research
  • finance
  • marketing, communications and branding
  • network operations and processes
  • navigating new market entry (partners, clients and government relations)
  • HR and organizational design

M&A Support

Our deep expertise in the business and markets make us the ideal partner to help buyers
evaluate deal potential, conduct due diligence and plan integration activity.

We have experience acquiring assets, integrating them into a product mix and turning them


Our executives have built industry-leading worldwide sales teams, including in the US market. We
have experience in advertising sales, program sales and licensing, short-form content sales to
digital out-of-home and private networks and affiliate sales.


Our team has extensive experience managing start-ups, department reorganizations and large-
scale process improvements.  We are available to manage client projects from beginning to end,
or provide management advice and guidance to our clients’ existing workforce.
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