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Pandit Wright is an accomplished global human resources and
operations-savvy executive whose career has included companies
such as Discovery Communications, #1 non-fiction company in the
world; premiere investment banking firm, Salomon Smith Barney;
INCO (International Nickel Company) and Aetna Life and Casualty.  

At Discovery, Wright was Senior Executive Vice President, Human
Resources and Administration, where she was responsible for the  
company’s nationally recognized LifeWorks@Discovery initiative, one
of the primary reasons the company has been named one of the
Fortune 100 Top Companies to Work For.  She was a member of
Discovery’s six-member executive committee and was actively
involved in negotiating, designing, building and disposing of over
2 million square feet of office space around the world, including the award winning headquarters in
Silver Spring, Maryland, and regional offices in London and Singapore.  

Wright’s 12 years with Discovery also included an assignment in Singapore as the Interim General
Manager for Discovery Networks Asia, and supervision of the Discovery Channel Global Education
Partnership, a public non-profit that donates educational technology and instructional support to
under-resourced schools and communities around the world, with a focus on Africa.

During her 14-year tenure with Salomon,  Wright first developed her love of travel and international  
business. She held roles of progressive responsibility that began in New York City, then moved to
London, England for four years as Vice President of Employment, and ended in 1995 as HR and
Administration Team Coach in Tampa, Florida.

Since leaving Discovery in 2007, Wright has begun a partnership with Family and Child Services of
Washington, DC to deliver her new program for women caregivers called SATURDAY SPA.  She is
also a Board Member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and is currently serving as
Chair of their Program Delivery Study Task Force, as well as Chair of the Human Resources
Committee.  In addition, she is a member of the Steering Committee of BGCGW’s  Women’s
Leadership Group.
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